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Sustainable Wood for Cities simplifies wood sourcing for wood specifiers and helps them compare the impacts of different sourcing strategies. The interactive framework takes users through a step-by-step process to guide wood choices towards the most sustainable options based on project goals and constraints.


Sustainable Wood for Cities was

co-created by architects, engineers, city officials, developers, forestry and wood experts to help professionals choose and source sustainable wood products.

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There are several ways that cities can implement this guide. It is designed to be put to use as it is, and it can be customized to a project's specific needs. 


Sustainable Wood for Cities is a free user-driven decision making tool, and our team of experts can also help project holders customize the tool and produce detailed reports. 

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Sustainable Wood for Cities was instrumental in helping the City of Vancouver align our wood procurement policy with our climate emergency and embodied carbon strategy.

– Patrick Enright, Vancouver's Green Building Engineer
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Give us your feedback!

This site synthesizes years of work into an accessible platform so that users can begin assessing their wood options for projects to ensure the most sustainable option is chosen.  We would like to hear from platform users so that we can continuously improve the effectiveness of Sustainable Wood for Cities.

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